Honesty and Respect - Monika Vaishnav

Respect can not be defined in one word, we can see respect in many things. Respect is giving values or admiring other's views even if they are totally different from yours. Respect is appreciating the differences. Every person should have self-respect for herself or himself. It helps us to maintain our dignity. We should have respect for our elders as well as for our younger. We can show respect for others by taking care of them, being polite and honest with them.  

We can give them respect by listening to their opinions and understanding them.  We can't ask anybody to give respect, it comes with good deeds and good behaviour.

Honesty means being true to ourselves as well as others like friends, family, work etc. We should have respect for our work, that will make us punctual towards our work and will qualify it.

Honesty and respect are like reflections of each other because when we have respect for something, we become honest towards that and it doesn't matter, whether it is a person or work.  It also makes our relationship stronger. Same as if somebody does his work honestly, respect comes automatically. 

We must motivate children to be honest in life and respectful towards others by giving them small tasks. We should set an example in front of them so that they can see and learn from us. We should encourage the children to speak the truth even if they are wrong and when they confess their mistake we must appreciate their courage and also correct them so that they don't repeat it and can avoid such lies.

Monika  Vaishnav
The Fabindia School

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